Fluorosomes® are unilamellar liposomes (~ 200 nm) containing drug-sensing fluorophores in their aqueous interior. Fluorosomes® provide an in vitro platform in various formats that can quickly predict the in vivo passive diffusion (permeability) and active transport (energy-driven, protein-mediated) of drugs and other types of compounds through biomembranes. These parameters are of critical interest to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in predicting the absorption and distribution properties of drug candidates.

The Fluorosome® platform provides many advantageous features:

  • The membrane bilayers of Fluorosomes® can be formed from selected lipids to mimic the membranes of different tissues.
  • Fluorosomes® are stable particles, with a shelf life of several months.
  • Real-time permeability measurements are obtained using only a fluorescence spectrophotometer – cuvette or microplate format. No ancillary equipment is required.
  • The Fluorosome® platform is amenable to robotics.
  • Passive permeability and active transport determinations can be made in only a few minutes per measurement.
  • The Fluorosome® platform provides a unique system into which the P-glycoprotein (ABCB1, Pgp) has been incorporated (Fluorosome®trans-pgp). Fluorosomes containing other drug transporters, such as ABCG2 (BCRP), ABCB11 (BSEP), ABCC1 (MRP1), and the OATPs are under development.

The Fluorosome® platform offers a foundation for creating novel and valuable applications for client needs, on request with consultation.