TFC Biosciences, Inc. offers novel in vitro methods to measure:

  • Drug:membrane permeability – Fluorosome®trans

Fluorosome®trans is a rapid in vitro method for the reliable measurement of drug permeabilities through biomembranes.  This technique is applicable to drugs either in solution, or from drug delivery vehicles, over a wide pH range, and can be modified for specialized membranes.

  • Drug interactions with membrane efflux transporters, i.e. P-glycoprotein (Pgp; ABCB1) – Fluorosome®trans-pgp

Fluorosome®trans-pgp is an in vitro assay for measuring the interaction of a test drug with P-glycoprotein. Using a plate reading fluorescence spectrophotometer, a measurement at a single drug concentration can be made in only 60 seconds, in contrast to the much longer times required for cell-based assays. By eliminating the need for complicated equipment and cell lines, Fluorosome®trans-pgp dramatically cuts the cost and decreases the time per assay, giving it a distinct advantage in the commercial market. This definitive assay reveals the specific interaction of a given drug with only P-glycoprotein.

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